We are a strength union built by those who forge their own destiny

We are those who embrace pain & grow stronger

We will stand strong & fear nothing

We are the unstoppable ones

We are






THE IRON UNION was formed in 2015, with the goal of creating a unified movement of strong-minded and strong-bodied individuals from all regions of the world. The decision to form THE IRON UNION was made when we realized that it was time for a change in the rapidly-growing fitness and weightlifting industry. These communities are thriving with unique, strong and passionate individuals, but also becoming quickly diluted by many companies who are pushing poorly-executed merchandise, heartless brand messaging and repetitive ideas down the throats of their followers, in exchange for a quick paycheck. We have seen far too much of this and have decided to do something different.

We are on a mission to forge a strongly-unified community movement, with our members being the driving force and blood of this union. Together, we will support one another through our endeavors, push one another to overcome weakness, and we will celebrate the success of our brothers and sisters, because we are united. We will not stop when we are tired, and we will not fall when we have been defeated, we are unstoppable.